Mineral Springs Haikou


Mission Hills Haikou's Volcanic Spring Valley is accredited as the World's Largest Volcanic Mineral Springs by the Guinness Book of World Records, with 168 hot and cold pools and 99 unique water features, bringing together hot spring themes and physiotherapy traditions of five continents around the world, bringing guests closer to nature.

The main building's design is inspired by the unique circular Tulou (earthen building) in Southern China, with elements of bamboo and volcanic stone utilised in creating a relaxing natural atmosphere. A 500-metre bamboo corridor welcomes visitors, allowing visitors to soak in the atmosphere as they witness the beauty and charm of different hot spring zones.

The hot mineral springs located here are renowned for its fluorine-rich spring waters with metasilicic acid, rich minerals and other trace elements. According to hot spring water quality standards of Japan, Russia, and China, the mineral springs here are well regarded for its medicinal and wellness purposes.

Gathering thematic designs of Asia, Oceania, Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa, the pools also offer special features including mineral sand, hot slates, floral & herbal, steam baths as well as thematic designs surrounding crystal energy, oriental herbs, light & energy and more.


Tropical Orient

Here you can find the Color Pool Pavilion with rainbows' seven colors, Malay River Springs and other oriental featured springs. You can also refresh and cool yourself in various waterfall massage pools inside the Tropical Orient.

Malay River Spring

Malay River Springs is originated from the traditional Malay circulating bath which villagers bathed in streams or rivers. You can experience their culture and refresh your senses here.

Geranium Spring

Forget-Me-Not Spring

Mint Spring

Nutmeg Spring

Balinese Spring

Soak in a hot springs with Bali sculpture and various essential oil let you experience foreign country's custom, enjoy the journey to health and beauty.

Chrysanthemum Spring

Violet Spring

Star Aniseed Spring

Waterfall Massage Pools

Element:Waterfall massage let you escape from busy city to the soothing nature world, wash your tiredness away. You can get a real relaxation and liberation here.

Osmanthus Spring

Lavender Spring

Tamarind Spring

Eastern Zen

Here gathered the characteristic Tai Chi Springs, Hot Stone bath, Chinese Empress Pool and major Chinese medical herbs springs. This is a soothing zone for both of your mental and physical health which filled with Chinese health concepts of Yin and Yang and the five elements. In addition, kids can also have fun in the games pool and bubble springs.

Ginseng Spring

Ginseng is known as "king of herb". It can regulate the nerve system, enhance memory, calm, improve cardiac function, decrease blood glucose level, strengthen the body immunity and for beauty purposes.
Temperature: 40°C-41°C

Angelica Spring

Artemisia Leaves Spring

Begonia Spring

Oriental Herbal Steam Bath

Hot Stone Bath

With hot spring water flowing under the stone plate, you can lay yourself comfortably and feel the warm energy that boosts blood circulation.

Ganoderma Spring

Prunella vulgaris Spring

Refreshing Green Herb Spring

Tai Chi Sping

Bubble Spring

Bubbles with different sizes combined water current helps to massage your body and promote blood circulation.

Polygonum Spring

Peony Spring

Citrus Spring

Oriental Herbal Steam Bath

Eastern Onsen

Featured with various Eastern cultures, this zone contains springs of different characteristic plants and herbs which are beneficial to your body. Experience the Foot Massage Tunnel is the beginning before soaking your favourite springs.

Sake Springs (hot & cold)

Sake is Japanese rice wine which rich in vitamins and amino acids. It can enrich blood circulation, vitalize the body and stimulate blood production. It Promotes appetite and helps digestion.

Green Tea Spring

Korean Ginseng Spring

Korean ginseng is native to Korea. Korean believes ginseng is essential for beauty. Korean ginseng can also prevent diabetes, arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Korean ginseng is also good for anti cancer, disease control, promoting blood circulation, prevention of fatigue and enhancing immunity.

Sakura Spring

Foot Massage Tunnel Spring

Walk on different sizes of pebbles in the hot springs, the water temperature can promote blood circulation, cure stasis and stay away from the disease.

Japanese Seaweed Spring

Historical Angkor

With its featured rock work, ones can think of Buddhist which originated from India. Apart from admiring the architecture, you can find different springs with spices which popularly used in India.

Clove Spring

It is originated from India used as cooking spice. Clove can cure headache, bronchitis, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, arthritis, rheumatism pain, impotence premature ejaculation, frigidness. In addition, it improves memory and eliminates drowsiness.

Jasmine Spring

Jasmine is widely used because of its fragrant and efficacy. This spring brings light jasmine fragrant, having efficacy of aphrodisiac and regulate reproductive system. It also helps to regulate dry and sensitive skin, fade scars, promote skin elasticity and defer skin ageing.

Lotus Spring (Shape)

Effect: Many people had mistakenly thought that lotus is native to Egypt and the Mediterranean. It is actually originated from ancient India. In early 3000 years ago, China had cultivated lotus. It is clear that lotus has long history. Lotus is the most commonly used as a symbol of religion and philosophy and represented sacred. Soaking in the lotus pool let you feel the purity of heart.


Native Maori

Maori see greenstone as a sacred treasure which they called pounamu. Tools, ornaments and weapons were made from it. It is believed the crystal support their own mana. Here you can find the crystal energy springs and other mystical springs that recharge your mana.

Energy Volcanic Stone Spring

Efficacy: The source of energy volcanic stone and the volcanic rock formed by volcanic eruptions have a direct correlation. Trace elements released by volcanic rock can promote cell's metabolism, and bring out harmful halide, clear dirt from cells.

Citrine Spring

White Crystal Spring

White Crystal Spring

Crystal Energy Springs

It consists of five energy springs with five different crystals respectively. Each crystal is believed to have its particular field strength to benefit you in various aspects such as wisdom, emotions, wealth, health and etc.

Amethyst Spring

Pink Crystal Spring

Fantasy Nutty Spring

New Zealand produces an abundance of nuts. Such as sunflower seed, cashew, pine nuts, ginkgo, lotus seed etc. Nut riches in nutrition, protein, minerals, vitamins which is good for human growth and strengthen physique. It can prevent disease, adjust cholesterol level and improve eyesight.

Green Quartz Spring

Splash Fountain Spring

Mountain Springs

On the mountain, minerals dissolve into the spring water as it moves through the rocks. The springs are surrounded by the refreshing scenery of verdant greenery. This mountain houses a wide selection of different rock crystal springs and herb elements springs.

Gemstone Steam Bath

43~46°C and 100% air humidity, Crystal and gems neutralizes negative energy, promote concentration and mental alertness

Tea Tree Spring

Turquoise Spring

Eucalyptus Spring

Originated from Australia, it can reduces the abdominal cramps or physical pain , cure asthma , colds , fever , relieve inflammation , angina , respiratory system , diabetes , rheumatism , lower blood sugar , prevent lung disease, diuretic , resist infection, clear the blood impurities and improve aging skin. Also, it can calm emotion.

Fruity Spring

Cooling Melon Spring

Corallites Spring

Beside of beautifying, it can also cure gynecopathy, treat frigidness and promote body growth. Particularly appropriate for menopause woman and help to promote couples relationship, and attain ruddy complexion.

Opal Spring


Ancient Roman

It has the largest indoor constant temperature spa facility in the entire mineral hot spring area. Containing two representative thermal pools, a hydromassage spring and a colorful children's spring, it is a leisure place suitable for guests of all sizes and ages. The hot spring water here helps to promote blood circulation and metabolism, increase the vitality of the nervous sensations, and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Hydro massage spring

Relieves muscle tension while promoting blood circulation.

Colorful children's spring

A colorful children's spring for children, it is a water park with the theme of the ocean. Equipped with challenging water curtain holes, water seesaws and water guns, the little ones will have fun.


Surrounded by white tulle, the surf pool covers an area of 750 square meters and is the largest mineral hot spring surf pool in Hainan Island. You can build sandcastles on the beach, sunbathe on the loungers or swim in the stream in the waves of the surf pool.


Volcanic Lava

Featuring unique grotto springs and mud fountains, a bizarre adventure is awaiting you in this "moon-style" landscape.

Chromotherapy Zone

Chromotherapy uses color and light to balance energy wherever a person's body lacking. The healing effects can be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.

White Light Spring

Yellow Light Spring

Sapphire Spring

Blue Therapy Spring

Affusion Shower Jet Spring

Hot springs and hydro massage combination can clear your meridians, promote blood circulation, improve gastrointestinal function, eliminate fatigue, relieve physical pain and discomfort, accelerate the relaxation of muscle contraction, strengthen and restore skin elasticity.

Purple Light Spring

Green Light Spring

Ruby Spring

Mud fountain

The body wrap can improve the texture, ridding off the excess fluids and toxins. It helps body contouring, detoxification, boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism, skin tightening and skin softening.

Red Light Spring

Orange Light Spring

Emerald Spring

American Wild West

You can hardly find a spring in a desert. But inside this Desert Oasis, contains four characteristic springs with cactus, aloe, assorted flower in desert and Tequila which originated from Mexico. In addition, the Hot Sand Bath will be a hot spot should not be missed.

Hot Sand Bath

Combination of sand and hot mineral water is effective in healing anemia, heart disease, hemorrhoids, joint pain and neuralgia. The ideal covering time is between 5-10 minutes.

Cactus Spring

Crisp Tequila Spring

Tequila was originated in Mexico. Hot springs water with pure tequila, can improve blood circulation, having an excellent effect for rheumatism patient.

Assorted flower Spring

Refreshing Aloe Vera Spring

Spring water added with aloe can moisture skin, repair burns, bruises and dehydrated skin after sun, quickly repair damaged cells, promote cells regeneration and restore skin health.

Amazon River

The well-known Amazon Jungle,is majorly covered by 70% of rainforest. In this rainforest patterned environment, you can find herb springs and various massaging pools. This is the closest appease sanctuary with our nature green.

Calves Massage Pool

Combination of sand and hot mineral water is effective in healing anemia, heart disease, hemorrhoids, joint pain and neuralgia. The ideal covering time is between 5-10 minutes.

Head Massage Pool

Waist Massage Pool

Springs In The River. Vanilla Spring

This spring contained the "king of spices"--vanilla, which effectively alleviate fatigue, relieve depressed mood, anxiety and insomnia.

Shoulder Massage Pool

Thigh Massage Pool

Bay Leaf Spring

Spring added with bay leaf can release muscle pain, loosen skin, stimulate emotions, relieve stress, alleviate depression and anxiety. Not suitable for sensitive skin and pregnant.

Back Massage Pool

Jojoba Spring


Lost City

Inside the Lost City, you can find African Safari Springs to experience the nature, Spiral Jets Pool, Aqua Relaxing Bed and springs added with coffee, fig or Rooibos tea to restore your energy. Lastly, your adventure may end in treasuring the Diamond Springs.

Fig Spring

Promote healthy bowel function due to the high levels of fiber. Figs are amongst the most highly alkaline foods, making them useful in balancing pH of the body. They are a good source of potassium, important in regulating blood pressure.

Spiral Jets Pool

Coffee Spring

Coffee may reduce the risk of developing gallstones, discourage the development of colon cancer, improve cognitive function, reduce the risk of damage of liver disease and reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease. Coffee has also been proofed to improve endurance performance in continuous physical activities.

Rooibos Tea Spring

Aqua Relaxing Bed Pool

Flowing warm water touches every inches of body skin, soothe tensed nerves. Water flows massage the back, waist and legs, help to eliminate stiff neck, sore shoulders, tight waist and legs and other symptoms.

African Safari Springs

Mystical Egypt

Here you can experience the Cleopatra Bath which once had been the noblest bath in Egypt, Bubble Bath and other herbs springs with unique fragrance。

Cleopatra Bath

Cleopatra Queen of the Nile was one of the most beautiful women in Egypt. Her radiant, soft, and glowing skin was believed to be bathed daily in milk and rose.

Calendula Spring

Bubble Bath

The air bubbles releases from the bottom of the pool, dense bubbles are formed in the pool. Your body feels like as if weightless, calmly release the body pressure, promote body metabolism and improve blood circulation.

Gardenia Spring

Patchouli Sping

Promote cell regeneration, regain skin elasticity, remove scar, nourish skin that dry or rough, effectively treat skin diseases such as erythema, skin febrile and athlete's foot as well as eczema; reduce pore size and acne; reduce weight, tighten and smoothen the skin.

Exotic Turkish

Here you can found the Turkish Hammam and the Turkish Terrace Springs characterized by various famous spices within each springs. Apart from that, you can have a nice experience in the Garra Rufa Fish Spa which originated from Turkey.

Turkish Terrace Springs

Nine different spices commonly used in Turkey (Rosemary, Cardamom, Fennel, Cumin, Black Pepper, Thyme, Sage, Oregano and Licorice) is added to nine unique Turkish Terrace Springs.

Rosemary Spring

Cumin Spring

Sage Spring

Turkish Hammam

Here people can enjoy the magnificent steam room inside the Hammam architecture. Differ from other steam rooms; the continuous flow of steam in the large area makes you even more relax.

Cardamom Spring

Black Pepper Spring

Oregano Spring

Black Pepper Spring

Black Pepper is effective in antivirus, anti-infection, inflammation diminishing and antifebrile. It is good for treating fever caused by common cold and flu as well as respiratory system infection; It can also facilitate bowel movement, promote blood circulation, assist fat combustion, treat chill, rheumatic arthrosis and stiffness and aching pain in muscle.

Fennel Spring

Thyme Spring

Licorice Spring

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13:00-23:00(Monday to Sunday)

10:00-23:00(National holidays)

(The time of each area is subject to the opening of the park)


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