Mission Hills, the world’s largest golf club, is a gathering place for thousands of the world’s elites including property owners hailing from places as divers as America, Britain, France, Italy, and 17 other countries and regions. A wealth of culture accumulated over the past 20 years, this world- class golf residence has also won numerous accolades such as “World best venue for golf tourism” and “World’s best golf property”. Mission Hills is a world leader in the premier property market, and a showcase of the unsurpassed lifestyle in China. Mission Hills carries out its operation elaborately by relying on the creative "live soil" concept, investing over RMB 30 billion to create a world-class leisure life circle prior to the construction of residence. You are accessible to the high-end amenities. Here, nature and property harmonize and combine at your willingness. A colorful life is well attainable for you and your family around the clock.

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